The Great Ocean Road Day 1

A few weeks ago, my family and I decided to take a road trip down to The Great Ocean Road, which is in the state of Victoria. It was absolutely breathtaking! I have never seen such beautiful oceanside and vast country side!

The Great Ocean Rd sml-1 The Great Ocean Rd sml-2 The Great Ocean Rd sml-3 The Great Ocean Rd sml-4The Great Ocean Rd sml-7The Great Ocean Rd sml-5The Great Ocean Rd sml-10The Great Ocean Rd sml-12 The Great Ocean Rd sml-13The Great Ocean Rd sml-16We were hoping for no rain but the foggy skies turned out to be perfectly dreamy. The Great Ocean Rd sml-17

Europe Cafes: Barcelona Edition

Woki Organic Cafe was recommended by a friend from Sydney. It was a great recommendation! Woki had a great variety of gluten free food and also very fresh options. Which is a treat when travelling. The coffee was average but the thats ok because the Barcelona vibe made up for it.

BarcelonaCafes-3BarcelonaCafes-1 BarcelonaCafes-2BarcelonaCafes-4 BarcelonaCafes-5 BarcelonaCafes-6

Cafes: Paris Edition

I must admit it has taken almost 2 months to start this but better late than never!!! I am starting a new blog series about all the amazing cafes I experienced in Europe.

My two favourites from Paris were Cafe Pinson and Merci..

Cafe Pinson was great for many reasons but especially because it had organic and gluten free food and because it had a bomb almond milk latte.

Merci was a cafe, bookstore and home ware store all mixed into one beautifully designed afternoon.

ParisCafes-6ParisCafes-1ParisCafes-3 ParisCafes-4ParisCafes-7 ParisCafes-8 ParisCafes-9~~~
ParisCafes-13ParisCafes-10ParisCafes-11ParisCafes-12ParisCafes-14 ParisCafes-15


And i just have to mention one that I didn’t get ANY photos of…. It was my favourite place in Paris, mainly because I could everything! It was this cute little hidden cafe called, NOGLU. I think I was too excited about the chocolate cake to take photos! I still have dreams about that cake!!

Europe Trip: Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, the last stop on our European holiday. And what a stop it was. Istanbul is a city spread out over two different continents, Europe and Asia, hence the saying, “Where East Meets West.” You can easily just take a ferry ride across the Bosporus Straight to the Asian Side. We found Istanbul so diverse, like no other place we saw in Europe.  It was interesting hearing the voice that would echo out through the city during the call to pray times. This would even happen in the middle of the night!

Everything from the beautiful mosques, to the food (Turkish Delight…hello, so good!), to the ability to just hop continents,  to the crazy busy Grand Bazaar…I would have to say this was a great place to finish up our European trip!

The Blue Mosque…not very blue is it??

Istanbul-2Istanbul-3Istanbul-4Istanbul-5Istanbul-6Istanbul-7Istanbul-8diptic1Istanbul-30Facing the Asian Side of Istanbul:Istanbul-29Facing the European Side, crazy the difference!Istanbul-28 Istanbul-20 Istanbul-19Istanbul-31Istanbul-38 Istanbul-37 Istanbul-36 Istanbul-35 Istanbul-34 Istanbul-33 Istanbul-32Istanbul-12 Istanbul-11 Istanbul-10Istanbul-16 Istanbul-15 Istanbul-14 Istanbul-13

Europe Trip: Zakynthos, Greece

Zakynthos is one of the least touristy island in Greece. It is on the western side further away from the majority of the other Greek Isles.

I have never seen more blue or clear water than I have seen in Zakynthos. Most of our days spent here we were in the water, hence all the photos!

This place was paradise. 

Zakynthos-11Zakynthos-14 Zakynthos-12Zakynthos-10 Zakynthos-9 Zakynthos-7Zakynthos-6Zakynthos-2Zakynthos-8dipcticzaktnthosZakynthos-1 Zakynthos-3 Greecediptic1

Europe Trip: Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a place I have always dreamt of visiting so I was stoked when we could work it into our travels. It was so different to what I expected, but incredible nonetheless. There is only one road the gets you in and out of Amalfi Coast. This road is so crazy. It is the size of a normal one lane highway road but two way traffic is meant to pass each other. And don’t forget that this road in on the side of a mountain and huge semi trucks drive down this road. Hubby and I had rented a car so it was a nail biting drive up there!

We stayed in a little village called, Scala. It isn’t touristy at all, which was PERFECT. We used Air bnb to find this place so we didn’t know the hosts, but they were so welcoming! One of the nights we had wine and olive oil that they had homemade!

Amalfi Coast -1 Amalfi Coast -2 Amalfi Coast -3

Our favourite coveAmalfi Coast -5 Amalfi Coast -6 Amalfi Coast -7 Amalfi Coast -8Positano:Amalfi Coast -10 Amalfi Coast -11 Amalfi Coast -12 Amalfi Coast -13 Amalfi Coast -14 Amalfi Coast -15 Amalfi Coast -16 Amalfi Coast -17 Amalfi Coast -18 Amalfi Coast -19 Amalfi Coast -20 Amalfi Coast -21We decided to take a hike one day and ended up in the middle of a forest and literally found Fern Gully.
Amalfi Coast -22
Amalfi Coast -23 Amalfi Coast -24 Amalfi Coast -25 Amalfi Coast -26 Amalfi Coast -27 Amalfi Coast -28Look how clear that water is! I still can’t believe it!Amalfi Coast -29 Amalfi Coast -30

Europe Trip: Cinque Terre

After London, it was time for some major relaxation at the beach. I had only heard about this place about a month earlier, but once I googled it I HAD to visit CInque Terre, Italy. It is unique because the five (Cinque) cities (Terre) are built literally on the cliffside and each one has their own unique feel and vibe. If you’re game you can also hike between all five of them.

This is at our hotel in one of the cities called Monterosso…look at the view, crazytown!

CinqueTerre-1 CinqueTerre-2 CinqueTerre-3 CinqueTerre-4 CinqueTerre-5 CinqueTerre-6 CinqueTerre-7CinqueTerre-9 CinqueTerre-10 CinqueTerre-11 CinqueTerre-12 CinqueTerre-13 CinqueTerre-14 CinqueTerre-15 CinqueTerre-16 CinqueTerre-17 CinqueTerre-18 CinqueTerre-20CinqueTerre-19CinqueTerre-21Remember Socca from France?? This is Farinata, pretty much the same. DELICIOUS!CinqueTerre-22 CinqueTerre-23 CinqueTerre-24Umm, perfection?!CinqueTerre-25 CinqueTerre-26 CinqueTerre-27 Collage1CinqueTerre-30 CinqueTerre-31 CinqueTerre-32

Europe Trip: London {part 2}

Our time in London was unforgettable, and because we were here for more than a week we had plenty of time to take things slow but also see lots of iconic places. Our good friends Kevin and Sydney, aka “Kidney”, happened to be in London  at the same time as us as part of their world trip, which they have dubbed Lingberries vs The World. Our first stop, naturally, was coffee. We had heard of this place called Workshop from a number of people so decided to taste it for ourselves…more to come on this soon. After coffee we rode the tube, like true Londeners, to Portobello Markets, like true tourists. It was a very cute market, just very crowded.

After saying farewell to Kidney + friends, Hubby and I continued to check off our London list by seeing Big Ben and the London Eye.

32 London-21London-2631London-22 London-23London-27 London-28 London-29London-31London-30London-32 London-33Iphone snaps:

London-36 London-35 London-34 whole foods


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