50 by 30

Here is a list of my 50 goals to complete by the age of 30:

  1. Live by the beach
  2. Run a marathon
  3. Travel to Europe DONE
  4. Own a Mini Cooper Car
  5. Have my blog turn into a business
  6. Have my own website DONE
  7. Scream on a rooftop DONE
  8. Dance on a rooftop: DONE
  9. Go to Hawaii
  10. Be in a traveling dance ministry
  11. Own a house
  12. Live in the city (SYDNEY) DONE
  13. Meet the Queen
  14. Go to Morocco
  15. Travel to Greece DONE
  16. Drive a motorcycle
  17. Skydive
  18. Own a gluten free cafe
  19. Be featured in a magazine DONE
  20. Get a tattoo on my foot
  21. Fill my passport up with stamps
  22. Blog everyday for a year DONE
  23. See the sunrise on one side of the country and fly to other side and see the sunset
  24. Have a baby
  25. Get in better shape
  26. Bungee Jump DONE
  27. Go to Antarctica
  28. Be a barista at an edgy cafe
  29. Take Capoeira lessons
  30. Climb a mountain in Colorado DONE
  31. Go to the Australian Outback
  32. Go to Africa DONE
  33. Learn Photoshop DONE
  34. Be on the Amazing Race with my husband
  35. Ride in an hot air balloon
  36. Go to the Equator DONE
  37. Become a personal trainer
  38. Decorate my house with all black and white
  39. Have a white leather couch in my living room
  40. Get a push bike DONE
  41. Go on a safari in the African Savanna DONE
  42. Climb the Harbour Bridge
  43. Bake a 8 tiered cake
  44. Have a chandelier in my house
  45. Learn how to Skateboard
  46. Go to Egypt
  47. Have a Thanksgiving Dinner DONE
  48. Scuba Dive in the Great Barrier Reef
  49. Get a degree
  50. Got to the Swiss Alps DONE

2 thoughts on “50 by 30

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  2. Wow, that’s an insanely impressive list!! Some of them seem pretty simple to check off, as in they’re under your control…like the 8 tiered cake. Then there’s the ones like being a barista and owning your own cafe and the Amazing Race that make me wonder if all that’s even achievable in a lifetime, let alone the next 8ish years. Not at all discouraging you though, if anyone could complete the list it’s you haha. The only one I think is silly is #26…could you possibly be in better shape? I doubt it. :) Good luck with your goals though, that’s a really neat list to have!!

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