The Dance Studio

Well here it is, where I will be spending most of my life. Do I regret it? Never! Classes have begun for the year: teaching and taking and dreaming about life changing dances. God has blessed my able body to dance and I feel privileged to use it for Him. It all begins here.

Never Ending Paperwork

The pictures pretty much explains my day. It consisted of figuring out different ways to show that hubby and I relationship is genuine, filling in paperwork and getting other people to write out how we met and that we love each other. Oh Australia you do make it complicated to become a resident. If only […]

Australia Day

In light of Australia day I thought I would dedicate today to all the things I am learning about the good ole Aussies. It definitely is interesting having an Australian/American marriage.  There is not a day that goes by that one of us (Dave and I) says “you say that?!?”….insert hysterical laughter here of how […]

Lazy Days

Well today was an interesting day. Dave and I had a sleep in day. We went to have a $2 coffee at an amazing cafe in the hills and suddenly realized that I need to apply for my spouse visa in a week or I have to leave the country. Haha so what did we […]