Roadtrip Day 2.

Well we left the 5 star resort Dave likes to call the “Gaey Maey” or more commonly known at the Hoey Moey Backpackers. We hit the road for 5 hours with a little bit of rain and a little bit of sun…..FINALLY! It is my first time to Queensland! Yay!

In Australia they have a weird interest in having BIG things as tourist attractions, like the big sheep, the big gumboot or the big mango. Well today I saw the big banana and the big prawn. Definitely my lucky day! ha

We arrived in Surfers Paradise and I have to say the beach is pretty amazing! Quite the looker! And our hotel is incredible! I want to take all of the furniture home with me…..maybe I will strap to the roof of the good ole’ Mazda!

spot the giant prawn

Surfers Paradise

look at the furniture!

One thought on “Roadtrip Day 2.

  1. Hey Love! Obviously, still having the time of your life:).
    The beach, headband and chair are so you…and Dave, too.

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