Roadtrip day 3. I spy…..

alrighty so we are in Brisbane! At our lovely friends Shella and Kaz’s house!

Husband and I had an amazing day just exploring the Gold Coast. I have come to realized that I like holidays that have no agenda :) We just let our feet take us around Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach. Hub and I had fun taking pictures in the lobby of our hotel. If you read my last post I mentioned I wanted to take all the furniture home with me and with these new pictures you will see why!

decor envy

Fixx Cafe

morning coffee


3 thoughts on “Roadtrip day 3. I spy…..

  1. sav, i love this blog! shelly and i were talkin about it yesterday, and how it’s so you :) in fact, i’m pretty sure i’ve checked your blog more often than i’ve checked my email lately. love it!

  2. Savannah! How are EVERY SINGLE ONE of your pics so
    amazing?!?! Seriously, I want to know. So I have a blog but am
    completely technologically iliterate. I need you to come here and
    teach me your ways (As of now I only get on here to see what you
    are up to). I miss you so much! Aub

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