Australia Day

In light of Australia day I thought I would dedicate today to all the things I am learning about the good ole Aussies. It definitely is interesting having an Australian/American marriage.  There is not a day that goes by that one of us (Dave and I) says “you say that?!?”….insert hysterical laughter here of how weird you think they are!
1. Aussies never say their R’s except when the R is not suppose to be there.
2. Aussies say toilet instead of bathroom.
3. They make fun of you if they love you. “Treat them mean, keep them keen.”
4. It’s a car park, not a parking garage.
5. Ketchup vs. Tomato sauce.
6. It’s a maaacha not a mocha
7. Coffee is actually good in Australia
8. It’s called a car boot not a car trunk.
9. Everything is double the price or more.
10. Everything closes at 5pm. I mean seriously nothing is 24 hours.
11. Birds in Australia sound like crying babies. Very annoying at 5am.
12. They shorten every word. Example: afternoon = arvo, Darrin= Dazza, Salvation Army = salvos, University = uni, sunglasses = sunnies. You get the point.
13. There is never any wifi anywhere. And internet runs out every month. You are only allowed however much you pay for.
14. Paw paw ointment cures all.
15. Cockroaches ruin your life. I actually just sat on one. Disgusting.

On another note, we had an amazing Australia day. Had a sleepover with the rubies, went to the markets, went to Bronte Beach and sat on the rocks overlooking the water. It was a perfect Aussie day.

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