The Watoto Smile

Ah what an incredible day! It started out with a lovely day out on the Hawkesbery River with the Rubie family meeting the soon to be Amber Rubie’s family from NZ. An afternoon of chats, laughs, tans, boat rides and wakeboarding. Dave and I went to the Watoto Restore tour tonight (I wrote about in […]

Dancing in the Park

Well today I had a bad day at work and I vowed to Dave I never want to do temp work again. NEVER. Thank goodness I start my new job in a week! Anyways, I got to finish the day well by heading down to Parramatta Park with picnic in hand to watch Sydney Dance […]

Australian Visa

So today I had to do my medical I need to apply for my Australian spouse visa. I had to get poked with needles and other not enjoyable things. Let’s just say it wasn’t the day I want to remember most. It’s all Dave’s fault for being Aussie! (thankfully I still love him) On another […]

Child Soldier NO MORE

Today at church we had the privilege of watching the Watoto Children from Uganda do a presentation of life as a child soldier and how Jesus can use this situation for the better It was so amazing. Everyone was in tears. I think it just brought everyone to realize what horrible things are going on […]

See ya later Queensland!

Well, we left Queensland, its bitter/sweet. I love holidays but it will be nice to have my bed and house. Dave and I will have to come back to QLD because we saw none of the city because of the floods. So sad. But next time we come up it should be all better! I […]