we fell in love.

ok so I loved loved loved my wedding day. it was magical, perfect and amazing. I started looking through pictures and wanted to share a few of my faves. Check this out guys, the Sydney Morning Herald did this article on us after we got married. Article

Pink & Black Goodness

Today was anther day full of recovery and relaxation. I am still getting over a cold so it’s my excuse to not do much.ha I had an amazing breakfast with hubby, gluten free banana bread and coffee. It was spectacular. And GUESS WHAT?! I got a facial today! Haven’t gotten one in years! It was […]

The Day After.

Sleeping in, waking up for a bowl of cereal and then going back to sleep for 3 hours, buying 4 shirts for $10, an amazing night at church with Lisa Bevere speaking, having Thai for dinner with great friends = a perfect and relaxing day after Colour. Life is good. Now off to hang with […]

The Fun Has Arrived

Last night of Colour is so bittersweet. Happy because I can sleep in tomorrow and sad because it’s over! I love the atmosphere of the women at Colour, it’s such an amazing conference. We danced to this worship song this morning. I love the lyrics. Take a look: I’m caught in the rhythms of grace […]

Christmas Tree?

Today was an interesting one to say the least. I woke up with a swollen ankle to start with. This swollen ankle came out of no where! So I went to see the doctor and got X-rays done and have to wait until tomorrow to see what it is. It doesn’t hurt to move or […]

Beautiful Things

Here is the lyrics of this amazing song we use at colour. I hope it encourages you Michael Gungor: Beautiful Things All this pain I wonder if I’ll ever find my way? I wonder if my life could really change at all? All this earth Could all that is lost ever be found? Could a […]