Why I Dance.

This weekend I realized more and more of why I dance. During Colour we did a worship piece to Rhythms of Grace. I wanted to share this over the weekend but I didn’t have enough head space until now to try and put it to words.

Dancing for Jesus is so much more fulfilling. Rehearsing this piece we all knew that it was going to be under a lot of spiritual attacks because of its potential. This dance could break down walls in the spiritual realm and the devil did not like that. He tried to attack me with insecurities and fears. The prayer the dancers prayed before we went on to do our dance was so passionate and I could feel each one of the 9 dancers uniting together for ONE cause and nothing else. Right before stepping on the stage I put it all before Jesus. Nothing else i could do could make it happen. All the steps and moves were His. AND let me tell you the feeling I got on that stage was like nothing else before. Probably the best feeling ever. God was moving people through us and breaking down walls. Peoples lives were changing. As we got off stage all I could do was laugh and cry uncontrollably (what a sight ha). Laugh because I was so happy because what was going on spiritually with people and crying because of the same reason ha.

I cant imagine dancing for any other reason now than JESUS. It is soooooo much better than dancing for yourself. Man, I want every dancer to be able to feel that feeling of God using your every piece of choreography to change a life! People this is good stuff!

Well hope that makes sense and now you can kinda see why I dance.

4 thoughts on “Why I Dance.

  1. Sav, can I just say that I love your blog? I don’t think I’ve told you but I do read it often. Keep it up, it’s refreshing :)

  2. feel the same way girl..makes total sense, at least to me :) there is no better feeling than dancing before our king. haven’t gotten to dance since being back, miss it :( thanks for sharing your lovely heart xx

  3. got chills reading this!! I love your passion for dance and worshiping God through that…its so unique to me. I’m just surrounded by musicians all the time and talking about worshiping with instruments and our voices etc….but to hear from a dancers perspective, is soo beautiful!! You’re amazing sav!

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