Dance for Freedom

Dancing for freedom.

I have had this thought lately.

What does it mean to dance for freedom?

As a dancer I think of dancing for freedom to be thought of as dancing for a cause bigger than anything we can imagine. As we dance we are opening doors into the spiritual realm for people to get closer relationship with Jesus or to start a relationship. This isn’t to be taken lightly. Dance is a very powerful form of expression. You are using your WHOLE body to portray something that is so close to your heart. It is like this thing inside you is dying to burst out to show the whole world how amazing it really is.

When we dance for freedom we are taking away all the enemy wants to do to destroy the power of dance. The enemy wants to distort dance in the church. He wants it to become this thing that doesn’t mean anything at all and no one takes account of because he KNOWS what a powerful and INCREDIBLE thing it CAN BE AND WILL BE. He wants to bring it down so no one can see the true beauty of dancing for Jesus.

I have seen a lot of attacks from the devil lately on dance. It is scary. But what do we have to do? We have to dance even harder with every inch of body and soul to knock the devil right off his feet. He wont know what hit him.

I want to encourage all the dancers who feel this attack. We just need to rise up and dance like we have NEVER EVER danced before. I’m not talking about just a little thing here. BUT something that means changed lives, freedom to hearts and minds, planting seeds in peoples hearts and showing the true love of Jesus to people.

Cry your heart out to HIM through movement.

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