A day with the hubby is always so refreshing. He is in a wedding next week so went shopping for his attire. He was smoking hot! And he actually wanted to shop! This happens about twice a year! Woohoo! I was loving it ha. Check out the appearance of baby Drayton for the second day […]

Dance for Freedom

Dancing for freedom. I have had this thought lately. What does it mean to dance for freedom? As a dancer I think of dancing for freedom to be thought of as dancing for a cause bigger than anything we can imagine. As we dance we are opening doors into the spiritual realm for people to […]


I was in the car today and a new song came on that really made me think. I dont know if it has any religious connotations but the lyrics are pretty amazing. ” I’m coming home, I’m coming home, tell the world I’m coming home Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday […]


Finally I get to spend time with my husband! We had a whole night to just hang out! That’s rare lately with our schedules! We went to C3 church’s conference called Presence. Then we had a delish steak on Darling Harbour and chocolate by the bald man. Perfect. My husband is the coolest.

Be Natural.

Today I did a photo shoot slash video shoot for some friends for a company they work for up in Brisbane. My cheeks and abs still hurt from laughing so hard. Ha. It was such a great day with lovely people. I guess we aren’t the most natural people in front of the camera :) […]