Rain rain go away.

No I actually like rain on days like this. I got to watch dance all day, drink coffee and make an apple pie. What else would be better? I made a gluten full pie for Dave and a gluten free apple crumble for myself. I am turning into a house wife over here! Haha Congrats […]

Sunday adventures.

Today has been the most whirlwind of a day. I don’t know where my head is! It started with waking up at 5:30 am to Skype to my Grandpas funeral. Which i feel so blessed to be able to watch it. Skype is amazing. Then we fell back asleep until noon when I then I […]


I am dedicating this blog to my besties from the USA. Caleigh and Michelle. Man where do I start? We have been through so much together: High school, ups and downs, traveling to Washington DC, Chicago, Road Trips, laughs, cries and the most crazy adventures.They even flew out to Australia to be bridesmaids in my […]


I am dedicating this post to my grandpa that went to be with the Lord yesterday. He was one of the most inspiring people I knew. His life was purposed for Jesus and it was so evident in his life. He blessed everyone he came in contact to with his smile and fun stories. He […]

Glitter days.

Take a look at my sparkly nails. They just make my day a bit more bright :) Check out my daily devotion for today. It teaches us not to worry. Like seriously why do we worry?! It doesn’t help anyone. We need to be proactive and plan, but worrying about the next day will only […]

No words

I have no words for today’s blog. They just aren’t coming. So sorry. Just look at the photos :) Today was full of church, coffee, Dave’s soccer game and a night at the Skinners playing golf Wii. It has been a hilarious night. Full of injuries and laugh haha.