To the girl of my dreams!!

Dearest Savannah,

On this date 15th May, exactly one year ago we got married (in case you forgot) and I have decided to hijack your blog on our 1 year anniversary to once again make a public declaration of my love for you. Also since this is traditionally the ‘paper’ anniversary, I thought digital paper would do.

Firstly, I cannot express how proud I am of you and in particular your diligence in keeping this blog every day and not missing one day since the start of 2011. I remember when you told me late in 2010 that you wanted to start a blog and I suggested starting from the new year, new years day rolled around and it was almost midnight when we remembered that you wanted to do this. I had to force you to stay awake so that you would keep to your word to post a photo a day all year, but since that night you have been so consistent with posting everyday and sharing snippets of your life and mine, even though you take photos of me when i look my worst and post them! It’s admirable and your strive for excellence in all you do really shows in this blog and is one of the reasons I love you!

Over the past year we have definitely learnt a lot about each other. How to deal with each other in the morning (one of the hardest lessons :P), how to reconcile quickly after a fight, how to love each other deeper, how to cook gluten-free/dairy-free/sugar-free everything, how to realise that I should be putting you first in everything, how to put my dirty clothes in the washing basket :), how God plays an irreplaceable part in our relationship. But one of my favourite things I have learnt has to be that you have 45 different kinds of laugh, 40 of which only come out after 11pm and there is this super sensitive geeky side to you that only I know about (and now all your blog followers), where it’s almost like you stoop down to my level just to relate to me as the kinda nerdy person I am, lame jokes and all. I love that.

If anyone knows you at all they will surely agree with me when I describe you as loving, caring, generous of your time, a super loyal friend who hates canceling on anyone, beautiful, Godly, passionate about dance and serving God through dance, humble, unselfish and genuinely nice to everyone. I seriously cannot wait to see how God uses you over our lives together, not only as the Savannah that most people know, but also as the future mother of our children, grandmother of our grandchildren and love of my life.

Happy One Year Anniversary Savannah Rae Rubie. AKA Wifey.



7 thoughts on “To the girl of my dreams!!

  1. You are great man Dave! Just in this letter shows your humility and transparency as a man of God. Towards Him, and then to your wife. I have loved seeing you two grow more in love with one another, and work hard at your marriage. It truly is encouraging!

    Congrats to you both on 1 year, and to many more!

  2. Oh.My.Goodness. David Rubie!!! Well, Savannah it is evident that you have an amazing husband as you totally deserve because you, by what Dave has written and anyone who has been blessed enough to know you would say, are the best! Your marriage is so beautiful and inspiring. God bless you guys! We Chizzy’s miss you both so much and are quite proud to say we were there from the beginning ;)

    Love you xo

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