I am dedicating this post to my grandpa that went to be with the Lord yesterday. He was one of the most inspiring people I knew. His life was purposed for Jesus and it was so evident in his life. He blessed everyone he came in contact to with his smile and fun stories. He shared Jesus with everyone. He even invited people to church when he was sick at the hospital in the past month. My grandpa was truly amazing and I am sad he is not on earth anymore but I am celebrating now that he is in heaven with Jesus with no more pain. Love you Grandpa!

These photos are from the last time Dave and I got to spend time with him.

2 thoughts on “grandpa.

  1. So sorry for you and your family Sav, losing someone is hard even though you know it was better for them. I can definitely see a resemblance from him to your mom to you, something about the smile I think. Praying for you!

  2. I loved what you wrote about Dad, Savannah. He loved you and Dave so very much, and loved that your marriage is grounded in Jesus. He still has your “toe” shoes, that he asked you to autograph, hanging on their wall:)

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