Bitter/ sweet.

Today has been one of those days. My grandpa is very sick and probably will be going home to the Lord soon. Can you all pray for peace for my family? But he is going to a better place so its a comforting thought. On another note Dave and I took advantage of the beautiful […]

friday daydreams

this morning was such a foggy morning in sydney. it was very mysterious and magical. kind of what I need on a friday morning. I dont know really know why but it just made me happy. I blasted “Cosmic Love” by Florence and the Machine (if you don’t have that album, you better go to your itunes and download it […]

A little Mexican flavor.

So I made tacos tonight for dinner because I was craving a little Mexican flavor! They were delish and super easy. The hub loved them so thats a win! The last few photos are dedicated to Dave because he decided to take a million photos of himself with my phone while I threatened I would […]

paper & clocks.

So as you would have seen, my blog got hijacked this morning by my husband. The sweet words he wrote to me had me in tears. Today is our one year anniversary. I love him so much and could not ask for anything more! We had the best day today in Melbourne. Coffee, shopping, riding […]

To the girl of my dreams!!

Dearest Savannah, On this date 15th May, exactly one year ago we got married (in case you forgot) and I have decided to hijack your blog on our 1 year anniversary to once again make a public declaration of my love for you. Also since this is traditionally the ‘paper’ anniversary, I thought digital paper […]

It has begun.

Our one year anniversary celebrations started today. Dave took me on a surprise date to visit all of the places we went to on our wedding day. The beach were we got married, where the photos were, the reception. It was so sweet and sentimental. Man I love him! Melbs in the morning!