To my hubby, on your birthday:

I hope you had an amazing birthday this year. You deserve it ;) i love you! Here is to another amazing year! Daves birthday = Transformers 3D (epic!) Friends Chocolate Breakfast in bed Lunch dates And PS: most of these photos are with girls, but trust me there were guys there, they just don’t like […]

Heart & Soul

It was Heart and Soul night at church. I love these nights, it’s where we really get deep into what the church is doing and where we are going. Lately I have been feeling really nostalgic about my time when I came to Australia. An 18 year old American girl, never been outside of the […]

Sienna Miller :: what to wear.

so I admit I am not the most fashionable person, but I do enjoy fashion and the creativity behind it. Here is one my favorite people to get ideas off what to wear:: Sienna Miller. Her style is simple and casual yet classy and modern. She wears a lot of black and white, a girl […]

start of Dave’s Birthday Week!

So Dave’s birthday week (because we all get a full seven days to celebrate right?!) started today! We spent time with most of the Rubies (missed you Brendon and Laraine and Daniel!!!) and went bowling. Dave was amazing because he still has a broken leg. Ha but he still wanted to go bowling! I made […]

Less than 2 weeks to go!

Hillsong conference is in less than two weeks!! We just received our volunteer passes in the mail! I’m getting so excited. Conference is always a great time. A week full of memories, amazing speakers, late nights and early mornings ;) Tonight I didn’t have dance rehearsals which is a shocker because it’s thursday night. I […]


Such good night. 1 and a half hour gym sesh. Follow by dinner cooked by hubby, the amazing race and 85% chocolate and strawberries. It’s a good night. Everyday I have more and more desire to go on amazing race. Just sayin.