“Sydney, rug up warmly: the big chill is on its way.”

This is what the weather headline was today. Awesome. Only not really for a cold hater like me. Apparently it was the coldest morning on record in a while. Dave’s idea to turn our heater on a timer to go off before we woke up this morning was ace. Glad I married a thinker.

Anyways on that cold note. I thought I would share some good tips I have read to keep off those few extra winter kilos and to keep our spirits up knowing that summer is only a few months away! I mean seriously who wants to eat fruit in the winter? You just want to eat bread, sweet treats and chocolate haha.

I believe that eating healthy and exercising should be a lifestyle. I am sick of hearing about these new “Fad Diets”. Seriously, think about it. When you go on a diet you will eat well for a certain time period and not touch a piece of junk food. But then as soon as the diet is over you want to go and eat sugar straight from the packet. Why don’t we all try to make it a habit to eat well and exercise. Rather than a crash diet that ends up making us gain weight. Once it becomes a habit we won’t want to stop.

1. Researchers tell us that it takes about three weeks to form a habit, so give yourself enough time to allow healthy choices – from morning exercise to cutting out dessert – to become everyday habits.

2. Keep a supply of healthy foods in your pantry. It is easy to say you will eat healthy but when you go to the pantry and all there seems to be is sugary, fattening foods. You will probably eat it. Lets be real people.

3. Be more inclined to go for a walk than sit on the couch. If you feel tired or rundown sometimes all we need is some exercise rather than sitting in front of the tv all night. Decide to go for a 30 minute walk over watching 30 minutes of tv and see how much better you feel afterwards.

4. Eat Breakfast! When you wake up in the morning your body has gone without food for seven or more hours. You need a recharge of glucose which is your body’s primary source of energy. Choose something with carbs and protein to give your metabolism a kick start! For example: boiled egg on whole grain (or gluten free for us cool people) toast.

5. Drink lots of water! 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Drink six to eight glasses of water a day to stay well hydrated and keep energy levels up. Coffee, tea and sugary drinks can dehydrate you even more so don’t think that will keep you hydrated!

6. Finally, find someone that you can start an eating healthy habit with, like a friend, spouse, etc. If you do it with some you can keep each other accountable. (like when I pulled the Tim Tam package out of Dave’s hands last night. You are welcome babe).

I want to start doing more posts about leading a healthier lifestyle. So if you have any amazing tips or anything you want to share, feel free to leave a comment of message me!

2 thoughts on ““Sydney, rug up warmly: the big chill is on its way.”

  1. “rug up”–I take it that means “snuggle up” or something similar? We are starting to get into the humid scorching days here…occasionally makes me wish it was cold again lol. My idea of perfect weather would be nothing below 40 (only that so I could see snow sometimes) and nothing above 80. Oh well. I have a tip for you…get a pet! Honestly, I walk my cat, and she enjoys it. We go out almost every day for anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour–and if we skip a couple days, she gets annoying and meows constantly at the front door until I harness her up (small dog harness) and take her out. I also go outside to make a phone call that’s likely to take more than 10 minutes–almost like having company, since walking alone or just with my cat can be dull sometimes.

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