american girl meets aussie.

We spent the whole day with our amazing friends Brei and Jono. One of the best days spent in the city in a while. I did not want to come back to the hills. Dave and I really want to move to the city. I think after today its gonna happen sooner than later. We […]

be yourself

today i was a bit sicky and non motivated. so sorry about the short post. i have been thinking about being yourself lately. but this is so true. we need to stop being people we aren’t and embrace who we are!

just go for it.

Lately I have been inspired by different people and things about the idea of going for your dreams and not letting anything hold you back. We can all look at a dream that we may have and be like I can’t do that because of this and this and this and this… and the list […]

It’s Amazing

Today was the Queens birthday. Which pretty much means we get to do nothing and be lazy. Best day ever. Coffee, naps, lamb roast, apple crumble, Amazing Race. Delish day. So everytime I watch the amazing race I get really into it and emotional ha. I laugh, I cry, I scream. It is the best […]


I love having married friends. Our friends James and Evie and James and Steph came over for dinner and an intense game of sequence. Which is the best game ever fyi. If you haven’t played it go out and buy it right now! And the boys cooked us dinnerAlright!