Dave surprised me tonight and said get ready we are going somewhere. He wouldn’t tell me where. We ended up arriving at this place and it was this organic restaurant that I have been wanting to go to for a while. I love surprise dates!! The place is called Agape (meaning love) and everything is […]

// center //

Meet Beth, my amazing South African friend. I had a long overdue catch up with her today. What an incredible girl! Tonight was team night and the message was: Jesus being the center. I think I can work on more putting Jesus first and foremost in my life. I think most of us can. It’s […]

the xx.

here is some sweet music for your little ears. I have been listening to this band non stop for the past few days and I love them! They are called the xx. Super chill music. Check em out! LISTEN HERE

free : :

Had the best slash most relaxing Sunday today. Church, naps, new cafe, husband, hilarious movie. So we show up to the movie theater ready to pay for the movie when the girl behind the counter recognizes Dave and gives us free tickets for the movie! Im thankful my hub is good looking! Gets us free […]

green peppers vs capsicum

Today was enrollment day for Hillsong college. It’s so amazing to see the fresh faces that have come in from all over the world to be here. We have new dancers as well! Can’t wait to see the creativity that comes out of this year! Dave became masterchief tonight and made a feast. Thats what […]