none of these crash diets people.

I got inspired by my friend, Kylie Martin (go check out her fun blog!)  She talked about how being strong is the new skinny. It is so true. I am tired of people putting pressure on girls to be stick thin and go on crash diets. Being stick thin isn’t normally healthy anyways. We need to eat enough to give us fuel for the day. By eating right and exercising then we can be at optimum performance. I know that I will never be stick thin and that’s ok, I know that I eat healthy and exercise everyday and feel way better than if I were to starve myself on a diet.

So I challenge you to smile and go out and exercise and eat healthy! You’re gonna feel great! Seriously even if you cant fit in a whole work out, you can go on a brisk walk or do 20 minutes worth of cardio. I don’t even have a gym membership but I go for walks and runs and do work outs in my living room!

And seriously we need to eat! But eat well! Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast! Try to eat 5 small meals a day, packed full of protein, fiber and healthy carbs. We can do it people!

::Strong is the new skinny::

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