We had connect tonight! So much fun. Love Rob and Rae and their little boy! Such a cutie!
So let me tell you a little story from the Rubie household. This happens every morning…. We are rushing around to get ready for work and can never find socks….. I mean never! I swear I wash all 1,000 of our socks every week and they go in hiding as soon as I put them away. Dave will be like “babe! Where are my socks?” I then go to tell him I don’t know and go to look in my drawer thinking I have some. And no luck, I don’t either. I end up digging through my drawer and his to come up for something for socks for me to wear. Dave? I don’t know where he ends up finding his. They are probably yesterday’s or mine. I also never have matching socks or mine. And same with him. So here is proof.





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