rain, rain, go away.

It has been raining cats and dogs the past few days in Syd town. I only like rain when I can be inside watching a movie, drinking tea and eating baked goods. However, I don’t have the luxury to do that ha. A girls gotta work. I do enjoy watching it and listening to it […]


Tonight was date night! Best night of the week! We had Thai as per usual. It’s so cold lately, it’s not very inspiring to go out and do much. Guess what…. My flights are booked for the states! Woohoo! It’s so nice to have that done. Now I can focus on packing and getting things […]


We had connect tonight! So much fun. Love Rob and Rae and their little boy! Such a cutie! So let me tell you a little story from the Rubie household. This happens every morning…. We are rushing around to get ready for work and can never find socks….. I mean never! I swear I wash […]

keep calm and…

Today was a stressful day full of waiting and no productivity. I had my patience tested many times. I am not writing this post to make you depressed, but to say we need to all be a little bit more calm! I am learning more and more everday that I can’t change anything by stressing. […]

see ya soon…

Today was a day of goodbyes. Not a first choice of favorite things to do. I said goodbye to my friend Andrea who was my very first roommate in Australia. We did the journey of our first year in Australia together. She is an amazing girl! Then I said goodbye to my very dear friend […]

the dilemma.

To see “you have been granted” on a legal government document addressed to yourself is a pretty big deal lately in the Rubie household. Now dont get ahead of yourselves, I don’t have my official visa yet. I just have a visa with permission to travel. Which is very important as we are going to […]


I am so sore and exhausted! I did a ballet class in the city today. Which is always a nice little treat to my week! Husband and I went and swam laps tonight after he got home from work. Swimming is hard!!! Ha my legs and arms are feeling it! such a good workout! After […]

Back to the 9-5.

Today was my first day back to work after a week and a half of not working. Let’s be honest, I love my job, but working isn’t near as much fun as being on holidays! Luckily I had this awesome sunset to brighten up my afternoon!