Hello new jersey

So technically I haven’t been in new York yet but new jersey! I am visiting my friend Tamara. It’s been great! I don’t have too many photos today because of lack of internet. But know that this place is great and beautiful! Guess what. I get to see my husband in seven hours!!! Advertisements

Hello Rochester

So I was in this little guy all day. What was suppose to be a four hour flight turned out to be 8 :( Our plane couldn’t land in NYC because of weather so had to fly to Rochester for a while. Well nonetheless I am happy to say my feet are safely on the […]

road trip!

We took a trip this weekend to Casper Wyoming to see my Grandma and some of my Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. I look pregnant in this dress. Don’t worry, I’m not ha. Wyoming is a pretty….not exciting place. But, one thing they do have going for them is sunsets! My cousins daughter. She doesn’t like […]

A Movement of Worship

Check out this article form Relevant Magazine about dance ministry. This is a really good article.  It makes me excited to see the dance ministry grow! Find it here or read below. Millions of So You Think You Can Dance fans wait in anticipation to see who will dance away with the coveted title of “America’s Favorite […]