Sisterhood is the women’s program at church and today they launched Miss Sisterhood for girls grade 7-12. It was so amazing to have them in the service today and see these young girls devoting their lives to Jesus.

turn of events

So today I had planned for today’s blog to be filled with yummy photos of some amazing dancers at college. Well the day had different things in mind. I have a sick hubby at home and all my edited photos from yesterday’s performance got deleted. Not a great day :( However, I am going to […]

City dreaming

Today was such a good day in the city! Dave and I spent the morning looking for and dreaming about our future house in the city! Then our friends Jes, Shawn and Sydney came out to meet us for a day of chatting and exploring the city. Amazing day, despite the rain!!!       […]

Bboy and bgirl

Lets just say my husband is cooler than yours…I love that he dances as well. He is a sick bboy! We went to this breaking session tonight and I got to watch some amazing guys train. As you can see my inner b-girl came out. This only happens on special occasions! Ha