Nike + GPS

Hey everyone! It is that time again! Time for another fitness post!

I recently just came back from a 6 week holiday and I have been on a workout kick ever since…… Weird? I think so too. Because, normally on a vacation all you wanna do is sit back, relax and eat!!! Well trust me I did that too. But, I also started doing Bikram Yoga (such a good non impact workout plan) almost everyday that I could. Let me tell ya, I got hooked on that hot yoga. I also walked and jogged. Making the decision to do a little bit of a workout everyday was the best decision for a holiday. It made me feel that much better. I didn’t come back to Australia feeling like a fat cow and thinking….why did I eat so much!? No regrets people!

With that said, coming back to Australia I have found this amazing Iphone App for all you runners out there. It is called Nike + GPS. Basically, it tracks your run. It tracks where you go, how long each kilometer is, how long you run for and how many calories you burn, plus many other things. If you have head phones plugged into your phone it can give you updates every minute about your run or every 5 minutes, whatever you choose. It’s encouraging for me to see how many calories I have burned each time. In total from the last 3 days of running, I have burned an extra 513 calories by just doing 20 min of running for 3 days. Sweet! Goodbye love handles! ha

Nike app:

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