mondays are dance days

so I consider Monday my dance day because I teach classes from 4-9 and I managed to fit in taking a jazz class in the middle of that. Such a great night of dancing. I wouldn’t have it any other way. On that note I will leave you with this video of some of the […]

HPAA concert

Today was the day! The Hillsong Performing Arts Academy Concert! My ballet girls I teach did so well! I’m so proud of them! I spent most of the day helping with the concert but then husband and I drove up to the coast to watch my father in law play his soccer game and hang […]

Nike + GPS

Hey everyone! It is that time again! Time for another fitness post! I recently just came back from a 6 week holiday and I have been on a workout kick ever since…… Weird? I think so too. Because, normally on a vacation all you wanna do is sit back, relax and eat!!! Well trust me […]