Photo wall

I have been wanting to make a photo wall for a while now. I think it’s a great and creative way to display your photos. Here are some of my inspirations.









2 thoughts on “Photo wall

  1. Hi Savanah
    a student of mine wrote a dance article that you posted on your site, after looking at it I was just browsing around when I found that your handsome husband is the son of Chris and Val Rubie (he is isnt’ he?). Chris and Val were pastoring at a church we went to up here on the central coast and although we don’t know David we did hear of him often. What a coincidence!
    I have been involved in dance for many years and Chris would tell me who wonderful David was as a dancer. I wanted to let you know of an event in January in Sydney and an opportunity to perform a work of your own or be in one if would like with a Christian Company called Remnant Dance you can read about them at Loved your site and your energy and the photos on walls as I’m trying to creatively rearrange some family photos Thanks Sharon

    • Hey Sharon,
      Thanks for your kind words!
      Wow it is such a small world! It is crazy that you know Chris and Val! I am glad that you found my blog!
      I checked out Remnant Dance website and they look awesome. I would love to come meet you if you’re going to be there! I defienetely want to be at the event.
      Keep in touch!

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