2 thoughts on “Photo wall

  1. Hi Savanah
    a student of mine wrote a dance article that you posted on your site, after looking at it I was just browsing around when I found that your handsome husband is the son of Chris and Val Rubie (he is isnt’ he?). Chris and Val were pastoring at a church we went to up here on the central coast and although we don’t know David we did hear of him often. What a coincidence!
    I have been involved in dance for many years and Chris would tell me who wonderful David was as a dancer. I wanted to let you know of an event in January in Sydney and an opportunity to perform a work of your own or be in one if would like with a Christian Company called Remnant Dance you can read about them at http://www.remnantdance.com.au/ Loved your site and your energy and the photos on walls as I’m trying to creatively rearrange some family photos Thanks Sharon

    • Hey Sharon,
      Thanks for your kind words!
      Wow it is such a small world! It is crazy that you know Chris and Val! I am glad that you found my blog!
      I checked out Remnant Dance website and they look awesome. I would love to come meet you if you’re going to be there! I defienetely want to be at the event.
      Keep in touch!

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