Engagement photos

Ok, I am SO excited for this post. I found some old photos of Dave and mine engagement! I absolutely love all of our photos!

So the first few are from the actually engagement. Long story short, Dave took me on an “Amazing Race” throughout the day and we ended up at a park in Denver Colorado where he surprised me and hired a photographer to come take photos of us. I thought that this was the big part of the day! I was wrong….It was the last set of photos for the day and it was sunset. Dave came up to me and started saying really nice things to me and before I knew it was down on one knee and I was saying YES, OF COURSE! It was perfect!

{All of these engagement photos are taken in my hometown, Denver Colorado. And yes, thats me with dark hair. And yes my husband is doing a flip over me. How sexy and talented is he?! }

Us just having fun dancing before he proposed!

Look Dave has the ring box behind his back. I had no idea!

 photos taken by Joe Morahan

We also got photos done when we moved back to Sydney a few months after Dave proposed. I had always wanted photos on the beach so it was nice to have photos done in Australia and photos done in America. My two homes :)
 photos taken by: Glenn Stewart

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