Sunday Skates::

As I promised, I am posting today about last nights shenanigans. We like to call it sunday night skates. Here are some candids from the night. How hot is my talented skateboarding husband? Man I sure scored! The last photo and video are what happened at the end of the night. I was shooting dave […]

Thanksgiving Dinner: Aussie Style

Today I cooked my first ever Thanksgiving meal! I wanted to make it for my Rubie family to share with them an American tradition. It was such an amazing night and everything turned out great! I made turkey, stuffing (gluten and dairy free), green beans and sliced almonds, gravy, yams, cranberries and pumpkin pie (gluten […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so excited about thanksgiving, even though Australians don’t celebrate it. I am still going to celebrate it! I am having a thanksgiving dinner for my family this weekend. I think thanksgiving is my next favorite holiday after Christmas. But today I am thinking about the actual meaning of the holiday, thankfulness. What I […]