Garlic and Chili Prawns

So, today I made Garlic and Chili Prawns for hubby. I don’t even like prawns at all….so that equaled major wife points for me! He loved it!

I made my favourite coconut rice and stir fried veggies to go with. It actually turned out quite nice. Even though I don’t like prawns the smell of the garlic and chili was delicious!

I didn’t use a recipe, but here is what I did:

1 tablespoon of chill paste

1 teaspoon of pressed garlic

1 handful of prawns

1 tablespoon of dairy free butter (Nuttelex)

I bought my new favourite wine to go with dinner tonight. It is a pinot grigio with natural blood orange and rosewater flavours added. It’s so delicious and went perfectly with the meal!

One thought on “Garlic and Chili Prawns

  1. The Pinot Grigio sounds so good. You had me at blood orange and rose water! Yum! And that’s sweet of you to make Dave something he likes:) He is pretty special all right.

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