So everyone, I did it. I can cross another thing off my bucket list. I blogged everyday for a year! I still can’t believe it!  I really enjoyed my dive into blogging world. I can look back at all the posts and see all the moments and the progression of this blog, my marriage, life, etc.

So now you ask what is happening to Savvysavvy? I’m not going anywhere! I am going to hone in a bit on what I want my blog to be focused on and do around 3-4 great posts a week!

I am so excited for blogging in 2012!!! It is going to be a great year!

This my friends is why NYE is the absolute best in Sydney. Check out our photo from tonight’s fireworks!

Happy New Year!

My fave moments from this year:

1 year of marriage: Melbourne

Seeing my parents: USA

America Trip: Colorado,  New York, California

Making the big move: New Kids on the block

High Tea with friends: QVB

Cooking my first thanksgiving: Aussie Style

5 thoughts on “365.

  1. Wow! We are so proud of you for your major blogging accomplishment. It has been the next best thing to being there in Aus (and Skype) in keeping up to date with your life. Your love for God, Dave, family, friends, people, Australia, adventure and life in general, has been a blessing to share through your writings and photos. Thanks Savvy…all our love…Mom and Dad.

  2. Savvy!!! I have journeyed with you this year via your blog, and I have LOVED it. I have loved it so much that you have inspired me to start my own blog! I uploaded my first post today!! I am still learning how to use wordpress, so I may need to call on your expertise from time to time! I have added your page as a link on my site, so hopefully others will be blessed by your blog :-) Sending tons of love to you! Miss you heaps, beautiful friend!! Happy New Year! Xo

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