Fresh start

Hello everyone! Happy New Year! Its good to be in 2012! I have taken a few days off of blogging but to be honest I missed it a lot! So here I am, first post of the year!

I wanted to show you some photos from my New Years Eve. I might be biased, but I think Sydney has the absolute best fireworks over the most beautiful city. It is something that you have to see in your lifetime! We had an epic vantage point this year to see the fireworks. Hub and I had an all day picnic at the spot with our amazing friends from the US, James and Sidney. He is Aussie and she is American, just like Dave and I. Funny hey? Also, our friends Brei and Jono joined us for a bit. They are dating and she had just flew in NYE morning after not being in Sydney for 6 months! To say I was excited to see her was an understatement.

Our vantage point at 11 am:

James and Sidney aka Jidney or Sames:Grace and Ash aka GrashBrei and Jono aka Bono:Cant complain about this view:

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