I am excited for this post because today I am linking up with Story of My Life for a weekly “Insta-life”. I will be doing this every week, because lets face it…instagram is a big part of my life, and I want you all to be a part of it! haha ;) enjoy!

1. The perks of having a hubby who works for himself: midday movie dates!
2. Enjoying every last bit of sunlight on a perfect beach day at Bondi3. All of the new Hillsong college students that are in the dance stream. 21 new dancers! This year is going to be great!4. My favorite sunday morning Pilates Class that has this view. Why wouldnt I want to exercise?5. Still trying to work my red shorts while the NRMA tries to fix my broken down car. Is it working?6. Our photo got chosen to be on the Tiffany and Co website!!! Yes I was freaking out! See it here: True Love in Pictures7. The Chapel album recording for church. It was in one of the most beautiful chapels I have seen.
8. My parents booked flights to visit us in March! So excited!….This photo represents the cheap makeup I am having my mom bring for me :) God bless America!9. My beautiful friend had a baby 6 weeks ago! I got to see Hudson for the first time this week! So adorable!9. Last but not least….Look what finally arrived! My beautiful friend Ash bought me a Frankie subscription for Christmas and it showed up on my doorstep today!


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