I am giving up….

….spending any money on clothes, accesories, shoes and makeup for myself until May 15th! Which so happens to be Hubby and mine 2nd wedding anniversary. :)

Dave and I were looking at how much we spend the other night and it is ridiculous. We aren’t even big spenders but definetely can learn to save A LOT more! So he is cutting back on much he spends when he goes out to lunch during work hours and I am not buying any clothes for myself for a month. I actually have plenty of clothes in my closet and shoes, I dont have any  more room! This way I will learn to get a bit more creative with what a wear instead of buying more just because I think I need it.

Anyone want to join with me?!

On that note:

This was the last shirt I bought about 2 weeks ago…It has been very appropriate for Sydney weather.

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