African Safari

This is part 1 of our African adventure. We drove 8 hours into the middle of nowhere africa where we stayed the night and went on a sunset safari and a boat ride down the Nile River. It was one of the coolest experiences that I will remember forever!

The drive started out at 6am and what should have been a 5 hour drive to the safari camp turned out to be an 8 hour drive! Our driver got really lost. The hardest part was not knowing where we were and no one being able to understand English.
This was when our driver stopped somewhere in the middle of Uganda to ask for directions AGAIN, and it was really hot! Definitely a test of our patience, but SO worth it.

IMG_4190We finally arrived at the Parra Lodge after driving over the bumpiest road ever and this was what we saw. Definitely a sight for sore eyes! Just over the other edge of the pool is the Nile River!

IMG_4091The start of our Safari were we saw the coolest animals up close! It was incredible!

AfricaSafari-2AfricaSafari-1AfricaSafari-3 AfricaSafari-4 AfricaSafari-5 AfricaSafari-6 AfricaSafari-7AfricaSafari-8AfricaSafari-9 AfricaSafari-10 AfricaSafari-11 AfricaSafari-12 AfricaSafari-13That my friends is a LION. Who stood up and roared just for us. Amazing stuff right there.

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