Watoto Babies Home

So the main reason that I Dave and I went to Africa was to help shoot a DVD documentary for Watoto.

On the last day we visited the Watoto Babies Home. Baby Watoto gives a home to babies that have been abandoned. It is so cool to see what they are doing there. It is amazing!

Babies Home-1 Babies Home-2 Babies Home-3 Babies Home-4 Babies Home-5 Babies Home-6 Babies Home-7 Babies Home-8 Babies Home-9 Babies Home-10 Babies Home-11 Babies Home-12 Babies Home-13 Babies Home-14 Babies Home-15 Babies Home-16 Babies Home-17 Babies Home-18 Babies Home-19The critical care babies: Babies Home-20 Babies Home-21 Babies Home-22 Babies Home-23 Babies Home-24 Babies Home-25

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