Clarke Wedding Reception

As you may remember I did some engagement photos for my good friends, Brei and Jono. They got married in Washington State about a month ago. They also decided to have an Aussie wedding reception at Jono’s family farm a few weeks after the wedding! I was so excited because unfortunately I couldn’t go to their wedding but I could at least spend this time with them.
Brei_Jono_Edits-2 Brei_Jono_Edits-3 Brei_Jono_Edits-4 Brei_Jono_Edits-5 Brei_Jono_Edits-6 Brei_Jono_Edits-7 Brei_Jono_Edits-8
Brei_Jono_Edits-10 Brei_Jono_Edits-11 Brei_Jono_Edits-12 Brei_Jono_Edits-13 Brei_Jono_Edits-14 Brei_Jono_Edits-15 Brei_Jono_Edits-16 Brei_Jono_Edits-17 Brei_Jono_Edits-18 Brei_Jono_Edits-19 Brei_Jono_Edits-20 Brei_Jono_Edits-21 Brei_Jono_Edits-22 Brei_Jono_Edits-23 Brei_Jono_Edits-24 Brei_Jono_Edits-25 Brei_Jono_Edits-26 Brei_Jono_Edits-27 Brei_Jono_Edits-28

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