Europe Trip: Nice is Nice

Nice, which is on the French Riviera is an awesome place to visit. We stayed in old Nice which I would totally recommend. You feel like you are living with the locals.

Nice-1 Nice-2 Nice-3 Nice-4This is Socca, which is a crepe made out of Chickpea flour. It means it is gluten free and so good!Nice-5 Nice-6Nice-7 Nice-8 The Tour de France was coming through town the next day. So we had to get a photo like this!
Nice-9 Nice-10 Nice-11

We rented this electric car called Twizy. BEST idea ever. It meant we could drive up and down the coast and see way more!
Nice-12 Nice-18Nice-19Nice-13
Nice-14Nice-16Nice-20Best travel buddy!
Nice-21 Nice-22 Nice-23

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