Europe Trip: Prague

Coming from Switzerland, Prague was a breath of fresh air as we could actually afford to eat out!! However it was the buildings in Prague that amazed me the most with so much history and beauty.

We first made our way to the Prague Castle which is right in the city and amazing, but, if you have access to rent a car, its worth it to take a trip to Karlstejn Castle. This place was phenomenal, like from a fairy tale and is a lot less touristy. The drive getting there is incredible as well.

Prague-2 Prague-3 Prague-4Prague-26Prague-6 Prague-7 Prague-8 Prague-9 Prague-10 Prague-11 Prague-12 Prague-13 Prague-14 Prague-15 Prague-16

On the way to Karlstejn Castle we accidentally took a wrong turn and it ended up taking us through this beautiful forest on this tiny, narrow road. Best detour ever.Prague-17 Prague-18 Prague-19 Prague-20 Prague-21 Prague-22 Prague-23 Prague-24 Prague-25

3 thoughts on “Europe Trip: Prague

  1. Your photos are incredible, as always. I love following your adventures. The remote castle photos and countryside are somehow soothing to the soul.

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