Europe Trip: Stockholm

Stockholm, I love you! This city was definitely a win in every way possible. The food, the fashion, the vibe was just so amazing. Stockholm it seems is leading the way when it comes to eating gluten free, there were options everywhere which made me like a kid in a candy shop! And the fashion! Can I just say if I could marry a store it would be ‘Weekday‘. If you ever get the chance to visit this place take it!Stockholm-1

Stockholm-2 Stockholm-3 Stockholm-4 Stockholm-5 Stockholm-6 Stockholm-7 Stockholm-8 Stockholm-9 Stockholm-10 Stockholm-11 Stockholm-12

I did a little photo shoot in Stockholm for my friend over at Boheme Bimbo. I have loved wearing these shorts throughout Europe, they are such a great piece to have. These hot little things are on sale over on their website. So go get yourself some of these and some of the other cute items! 

You thought Stockholm was already awesome, but get this….at Mcdonalds they have gluten free buns! This was the first Mcdonalds burger  I have had in about 10 years!!! Needless to say I ate about 3 of theses over the course of 3 days.


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