Europe Trip: Oslo

Our trip has taken us to one of the furthest spots away from Australia….Norway. My good friend from college, Daz, was there to welcome the husband and I. He even let us stay in his dad’s gym which has a big open space with mirrors. I may have used it as a dance studio every morning!

Daz showed us all around this city of his! He should definitely start a business, because he was the best tour guide!! Thanks DAZ!!!!

Oslo-1Oslo001 Tim Wendelboe has won world barista competitions and we got the opportunity to try his coffee while in Oslo. It was amazing!!! But, more about this in my cafe blogs to come :)Oslo-2 Oslo-3 Oslo-4 Oslo-5 Oslo-6 Oslo Opera HouseOslo-7 Oslo-8 Oslo-9 Oslo-10 Oslo-11 Oslo-12 Oslo-13 Oslo-14 Oslo-15

Holmenkollen ski JumpOslo-16 Oslo-17 This was an awesome Norwegian game called Kubb. The object of the game was to knock over the other person’s blocks.Oslo-18 Oslo-19 Oslo-20 Oslo-21

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