Europe Trip: London {part 2}

Our time in London was unforgettable, and because we were here for more than a week we had plenty of time to take things slow but also see lots of iconic places. Our good friends Kevin and Sydney, aka “Kidney”, happened to be in London  at the same time as us as part of their world trip, which they have dubbed Lingberries vs The World. Our first stop, naturally, was coffee. We had heard of this place called Workshop from a number of people so decided to taste it for ourselves…more to come on this soon. After coffee we rode the tube, like true Londeners, to Portobello Markets, like true tourists. It was a very cute market, just very crowded.

After saying farewell to Kidney + friends, Hubby and I continued to check off our London list by seeing Big Ben and the London Eye.

32 London-21London-2631London-22 London-23London-27 London-28 London-29London-31London-30London-32 London-33Iphone snaps:

London-36 London-35 London-34 whole foods

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