Europe Trip: Cinque Terre

After London, it was time for some major relaxation at the beach. I had only heard about this place about a month earlier, but once I googled it I HAD to visit CInque Terre, Italy. It is unique because the five (Cinque) cities (Terre) are built literally on the cliffside and each one has their own unique feel and vibe. If you’re game you can also hike between all five of them.

This is at our hotel in one of the cities called Monterosso…look at the view, crazytown!

CinqueTerre-1 CinqueTerre-2 CinqueTerre-3 CinqueTerre-4 CinqueTerre-5 CinqueTerre-6 CinqueTerre-7CinqueTerre-9 CinqueTerre-10 CinqueTerre-11 CinqueTerre-12 CinqueTerre-13 CinqueTerre-14 CinqueTerre-15 CinqueTerre-16 CinqueTerre-17 CinqueTerre-18 CinqueTerre-20CinqueTerre-19CinqueTerre-21Remember Socca from France?? This is Farinata, pretty much the same. DELICIOUS!CinqueTerre-22 CinqueTerre-23 CinqueTerre-24Umm, perfection?!CinqueTerre-25 CinqueTerre-26 CinqueTerre-27 Collage1CinqueTerre-30 CinqueTerre-31 CinqueTerre-32

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