Europe Trip: Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, the last stop on our European holiday. And what a stop it was. Istanbul is a city spread out over two different continents, Europe and Asia, hence the saying, “Where East Meets West.” You can easily just take a ferry ride across the Bosporus Straight to the Asian Side. We found Istanbul so diverse, like no other place we saw in Europe.  It was interesting hearing the voice that would echo out through the city during the call to pray times. This would even happen in the middle of the night!

Everything from the beautiful mosques, to the food (Turkish Delight…hello, so good!), to the ability to just hop continents,  to the crazy busy Grand Bazaar…I would have to say this was a great place to finish up our European trip!

The Blue Mosque…not very blue is it??

Istanbul-2Istanbul-3Istanbul-4Istanbul-5Istanbul-6Istanbul-7Istanbul-8diptic1Istanbul-30Facing the Asian Side of Istanbul:Istanbul-29Facing the European Side, crazy the difference!Istanbul-28 Istanbul-20 Istanbul-19Istanbul-31Istanbul-38 Istanbul-37 Istanbul-36 Istanbul-35 Istanbul-34 Istanbul-33 Istanbul-32Istanbul-12 Istanbul-11 Istanbul-10Istanbul-16 Istanbul-15 Istanbul-14 Istanbul-13

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