Cafes: Paris Edition

I must admit it has taken almost 2 months to start this but better late than never!!! I am starting a new blog series about all the amazing cafes I experienced in Europe.

My two favourites from Paris were Cafe Pinson and Merci..

Cafe Pinson was great for many reasons but especially because it had organic and gluten free food and because it had a bomb almond milk latte.

Merci was a cafe, bookstore and home ware store all mixed into one beautifully designed afternoon.

ParisCafes-6ParisCafes-1ParisCafes-3 ParisCafes-4ParisCafes-7 ParisCafes-8 ParisCafes-9~~~
ParisCafes-13ParisCafes-10ParisCafes-11ParisCafes-12ParisCafes-14 ParisCafes-15


And i just have to mention one that I didn’t get ANY photos of…. It was my favourite place in Paris, mainly because I could everything! It was this cute little hidden cafe called, NOGLU. I think I was too excited about the chocolate cake to take photos! I still have dreams about that cake!!

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