Kampala Life


Chapti: A delicious African flatbread that is prepared most weeks in many Ugandan homes. 

These stands are EVERYWHERE in Kampala. Seeing these are part of normal life lately. Although I can’t eat them, because Chapti = gluten galore. And Kampala hasn’t really mastered gluten free very well, so doubt I can find any gluten free versions. But, I have heard they are amazing! Kind of like a crepe.

Kampala is a crazy city. I have been here once before but that was only for 2 weeks. This time I am here for 3.5 months. That is a whole different scenario. The thing that surprises me most is the traffic! It is very unpredictable and when it rains, all chaos breaks loose. Two days ago, we were driving a 3.5km distance and it took us 3 hours. 3 HOURS PEOPLE! It had just rained and EVERY road had a traffic jam! Literally the whole city left work at the same time and was at a stand still. I could not believe it.

When you get out of the city it is actually quite enjoyable. Back in 1909, Sir Winston Churchill called Uganda “the Pearl of Africa” – a century later, Lonely Planet voted Uganda the No. 1 destination for 2012.


3 thoughts on “Kampala Life

  1. Oh Kampala traffic – when driving in it it’s like playing a real life, slow moving, high anxiety video game :-) Love ya!

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