Back to the 9-5.

Today was my first day back to work after a week and a half of not working. Let’s be honest, I love my job, but working isn’t near as much fun as being on holidays! Luckily I had this awesome sunset to brighten up my afternoon!

It’s Friday!

I have never been so excited for the weekend! This week has been tiring and I cant wait to sleep! Just hanging with friends and sleeping in and CHURCH! my favorite part of the week. Check out the cutie who came into to visit me at work. We had our cuddle time while she showed […]

Walk of Hope

Today was the Walk of Hope! It was a fundraiser for teachers to go to Africa. The company that put it on is where is I work. We had so much fun. But my feet hurt so bad. Guess how far we walked…..19ks! 4 hours straight! Sitting down never looked so good afterwards. That aside […]

Shout it Louder

Wow what a day! Everything from road trips at work, to new found ridiculous hats, to clothes swaps, to friends and sistas! We had a clothes swap at sisterhood united night and let me tell you what a good idea! I got some good steals! But take a look at all the girls! I’m surprised […]


Well today I realized I have an obsession with sticky notes at work. AND Grace and I found a new love for snack-time. It’s not just for 5 year olds anymore! P.S. Check out a few of the photos from our valentines day adventure!