Europe Trip: Nice is Nice

Nice, which is on the French Riviera is an awesome place to visit. We stayed in old Nice which I would totally recommend. You feel like you are living with the locals.

Nice-1 Nice-2 Nice-3 Nice-4This is Socca, which is a crepe made out of Chickpea flour. It means it is gluten free and so good!Nice-5 Nice-6Nice-7 Nice-8 The Tour de France was coming through town the next day. So we had to get a photo like this!
Nice-9 Nice-10 Nice-11

We rented this electric car called Twizy. BEST idea ever. It meant we could drive up and down the coast and see way more!
Nice-12 Nice-18Nice-19Nice-13
Nice-14Nice-16Nice-20Best travel buddy!
Nice-21 Nice-22 Nice-23

Europe Trip: Paris Part 2

Paris is so lovely at night. It is a definite must to see the Eiffel Tower sparkle. Also, if you want to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, make sure you book a reservation! We didn’t make a reservation and it ended up taking 3 hours to get to the top and back! So worth it though, because the view is amazing.

             Paris-29 Paris-28 Paris-31 Paris-32 Paris-33 Paris-38 Paris-37 Paris-36 Paris-35 Paris-34

       Paris-27 Paris-26 Paris-25 Paris-24 Paris-23 The LouvreParis-22Paris-20 Paris-19 Paris-18 Paris-17

Next stop Nice, France!

Europe Trip: Paris Part 1

Paris was such an interesting place to visit. What inspired me the most was the beautiful, old architecture and the way the Parisians live their life. There is fresh bread, crepes and macaroons on every corner. The easiest way to get around is biking, which is so much fun! It is gorgeous and I highly recommend spending a few days there.

The view from our place:

Paris-2 Paris-3 Paris-4 Paris-5         Paris-6  Paris-7 Paris-8 Paris-9 Paris-10 Paris-11 Paris-12           Paris-13  Paris-15    Paris-14Paris-16

Meet: Boheme Bimbo

I want to introduce you to a friend of savvysavvy, meet Boheme Bimbo. From Sydney Australia, LG is the creative mastermind of Boheme Bimbo and is a great friend of mine. She makes everything herself!!! Her line is awesome and I think you should go on their right now and buy something! You will not be dissapointed!

boheme boheme2boheme3I just bought these hot little shorts! I can’t wait until they arrive!

Image of Leatherette Athletics

Reverse Travel Blog Day 11

So the weather has been a bit crazy around here. It was so hot a few days ago and now it feels like Fall! It has been raining non stop for 2 days! Are you sure you want to come back??

On a high note, Donnie has me around tonight for a Mexican Fiesta. Bonnie made enchiladas and they were so delicious! Even better than Montezumas….yes that good!!

1 more day! (Kinda!)
Have a the best last show! Give it your all!! Xx

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