Cafes: Paris Edition

I must admit it has taken almost 2 months to start this but better late than never!!! I am starting a new blog series about all the amazing cafes I experienced in Europe. My two favourites from Paris were Cafe Pinson and Merci.. Cafe Pinson was great for many reasons but especially because it had […]

Clarke Wedding Reception

As you may remember I did some engagement photos for my good friends, Brei and Jono. They got married in Washington State about a month ago. They also decided to have an Aussie wedding reception at Jono’s family farm a few weeks after the wedding! I was so excited because unfortunately I couldn’t go to their wedding but I could at […]

balcony picnic

Tonight Dave and I had a cute little picnic on our balcony. We had a great view of cars and other buildings ha. But it was actually really nice to just eat outside and not watch tv. We had steak, homemade fries, roasted carrots, shiraz and watermelon. It was delish. I highly recommend picnics :) […]