Europe Trip: Cinque Terre

After London, it was time for some major relaxation at the beach. I had only heard about this place about a month earlier, but once I googled it I HAD to visit CInque Terre, Italy. It is unique because the five (Cinque) cities (Terre) are built literally on the cliffside and each one has their […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so excited about thanksgiving, even though Australians don’t celebrate it. I am still going to celebrate it! I am having a thanksgiving dinner for my family this weekend. I think thanksgiving is my next favorite holiday after Christmas. But today I am thinking about the actual meaning of the holiday, thankfulness. What I […]

road trip!

We took a trip this weekend to Casper Wyoming to see my Grandma and some of my Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. I look pregnant in this dress. Don’t worry, I’m not ha. Wyoming is a pretty….not exciting place. But, one thing they do have going for them is sunsets! My cousins daughter. She doesn’t like […]